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Powering the second wave of digital transformation.
A hands-on consultancy focused on growth.


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Reposition for Growth

We are Business, Technology and Design experts with leadership experience in global companies, specialising in business transformation




Over fifty years of leadership experience in tech and consumer electronics multinationals.

We believe in partnerships.  We want to create lasting, hands-on partnerships to realise together the potential of your business.

Digitalisation brings your customer to you, builds resilient and agile operations, and prepares you for growth.  But where to begin?  Our 15 year journey in mobile has given us unique experience in business, creation and products.  Let us help you turn digitalisation into an innovative and agile platform for you.

Our business areas

Business Development

We offer growth services including

  • Business strategy and models
  • Channel & sales development
  • Scaling for growth
  • New market or product growth
  • Supplier & competitor evaluation
  • Revenue and value partnerships


We help companies

  • Understand digitalisation
  • Define opportunities for growth
  • Plan and deliver change 
  • Switch to as-a-service models
  • Develop organisation and people
  • Build digitalised systems and IT

Innovation and Ventures

We help startups and ventures to

  • Develop pitch and offering
  • Seek investment and advice
  • Innovation process & development
  • Education and training
  • Incubation and acceleration
  • Board participation

Global experience

One world, different cultures.  We’ve managed teams and undertaken projects across the world.  From Tokyo to London, Singapore to Silicon Valley, or Stockholm to Berlin, we know global.

Get a head start on building international partnships that will kicksart your business.  Whether it be supplier selection, sales development or service revenue partnerships, we have the experince to deliver.


Across business domains

We have delivered projects in, and more excitingly between, many different industries.


  • Identity solutions into Automotive
  • Mobile advertising into Consumer electronics
  • New audiences into service companies
  • Digital Services into International logistics

The Team

Over 50 years of experience across mobile, technology and business

Staffan Björklund

Staffan Björklund

Managing Partner

Benjamin Matthews

Benjamin Matthews

Managing Partner

Annica Zetterlind

Annica Zetterlind

Senior Marketing Manager

Jeanna Kimbre

Jeanna Kimbre

Head of Design Studio

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Drottninggatan 35, 252 21 Helsingborg, Sweden

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